Alongside direct sales of finishing kits and hardware. Wudtone operates innovative, proven, B2B schemes to help compliment and expand the product lines of international guitar companies.

Schemes have been in operation since 2011 and we now have a number of :


  • leading guitar manufacturers and renowned luthiers adding our hardware technologies to their guitars.
  • international distributors, stocking and reselling Wudtone finishing kits and hardware.


If you run a business involved in the production or resale of guitar based products and would like to consider benefits such as :


  • enhancing the performance of your guitar based products
  • extending your range of products to attract more customers to your offer
  • adding new and profitable revenue generating product lines
  • having innovation based marketing opportunities to rise above the noise
  • brand association with a reputable manufacturer; excellent on-line reputation and goodwill in the guitar forum world and marketplace
  • boosting sales through confidence in high level product performance and customer service


then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Andy Preston via mail@wudtone.com.


Current distributors supplying finish Wudtone products outside UK.


Italy via










Danilo Ghirardi  www.laboratoriodelvintage.it


Rest of Europe via







USA via