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Wudtone CP HOLY GRAIL Tremolo Assembly (Copper Black edition)

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All the usual CP HOLY GRAIL features and benefits ( please see below)  but in a new Copper Black finish.  The first of these went  to Barlow Guitars, New York, for one of their awesome custom builds. 

“Dude.. The tremelo is amazing… Like jaw dropping amazing..It’s going to hit the ball so far out of the park!!!” Ricky Barlow

Supplied with all the goodies you get with a full spec CP HOLY GRAIL tremolo assembly. Designed to deliver maximum dynamic, clarity, big guitar boost and total tuning stability. 

Unique features :

  • Top surface recesses, preventing the screws fouling the plate so delivering tuning stability.
  • machined for maximised body contact with .5mm stainless steel shim under the plate to ensure consistent operation, smooth feel, improved sustain.
  • NEW – String guides to help minimise string breakages
  • Nylon bush in 1018 Cold Steel Block to eliminate slack
  • Saddle height kit ( supply of 6mm and 8mm saddle height screws)

Includes :

  • patented Wudtone base plate technology  (CP HOLY GRAIL)
  • Vintage 2 7/32 or MIM 2 1/16 mounting
  • Vintage 2 7/32 or Modern 54mm string spacing
  • .5mm shim, bearing screws
  • Wudtone 1018 Cold steel block with nylon bush
  • Wudtone 5mm stainless trem arm
  • Steel nickel saddles
  • Saddle height adjustment kit and 1.5mm allen key.
  • Trem claw, claw screws and 4 springs

Ideal for self-builders with either Vintage 56mm or Modern 54mm string spacing.  Also available with CP Vintage plate technology for quintessential S Type looks and pre-CBS tone character, see tone comparisons of the base plate technology here.

It”s not often that a product comes along that reinvents the wheel and does it perfectly” Crispin Weir, Regent Sounds, Denmark Street.

“does work as advertised..the trem action is very smooth.. return to pitch is good” Tim Shaw, Director of Research for guitars, Fender MIC

“stable tuning and an incredibly smooth action… lot more presence to the sound with a clear top end…improved the feel of the guitar immeasurably” David Riggs

“I have to say that this is the best tremolo… tone and stability!” Marco, Finland

“it remained as in tune as I”d expect a Floyd Rose to” Tim Morgan
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Additional Information

Right handed, Left handed

Bridge Spacing

Vintage 2 7/32 (56mm) mount, Vintage 2 7/32 (56mm)String, Hybrid Vintage 2 7/32 (56mm) mount, Modern 54mm string, Hybrid MIM 2 1/16 (52.4mm) mount, Modern 54mm string

Assembly Plating

Copper Black

Assembly Trem Arm

Extra long 7″, Standard 6″, 64 length 5 1/4, Short Gilmour

Trem Arm Tip

Black, no tip, bare threads, no tip polished, Cream, White

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